Red Tee
Practice Round
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

The Red Tee Lottery starts Thursday. The computer distributes hole numbers to all golfers using random distribution for Round 1. The computer distributes holes based on hole advantage in Round 2 and Round 3. The actual distribution is also computer generated using reverse Tournament Leaderboard. The hole with the biggest advantage will go to the golfer in last place. The hole with the least advantage will go to the golfer in first place. Hole distribution is located for each golfer inside the daily pairing sheet.


Golfers are recommended to use a red sharpie marker on the scorecard. Highlight the outer box of red tee selections. This red box will draw attention during the round to help golfers remember red tee holes. Golfers are permitted to tee off from the red tee, however they do not have to tee from the red tee. There are no redos if you forget your red tee hole.

There are red tee holes being used for the long drive contest. Golfers with a red tee on a long drive hole must hit a ball from both tees to be included in the long drive contest.