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May 15, 2021

FARMINGTON, NM — In today's modern, technologically advanced world, information is craved instantaneously. The masses thirst for stories the moment something breaks. What once took hours or even days to deliver the who, what, where and when of a story now requires just seconds to be transferred to media outlets.

Thanks to communication tools like the Internet, a simple click of the mouse is all anyone needs to receive a plethora of knowledge.

And the Carl Spackler Open is one of the rare golf trips in America using the information evolution.

In June, the tournament will rely heavily on the wireless Internet connection that ties directly into the mammoth tournament database. Roughly 210 scorecards will be entered into the system and 3,780 scores plus long putts will be organized, sorted, and reported in seconds.

The Carl Spackler Open will host its 8th golf tournament with live scoring. The 54-hole tournament plus practice round and replay rounds will be scored hole-by-hole using mobile phones.

"We have the equipment and the mobile website," says Captains Club member Brian Long. "The entire foursome will be scored with one single handheld device per foursome. Our simple mobile website knows each pairing, remembers the scorers every hole, and remembers the hole just played."

The mobile website will also link a real-time Leaderboard and address book for contacting any golfer in the tournament.

Greg Garrett, Vice Presidents of Online Scoring, will handle the integrity of the tournament scoring and enter any scorecards without a handheld device. “This scoring system was the largest enhancement to our event since beer was added to the event back in 2001," says Captains Club member Greg Garrett. "I am expecting the mobile scoring to be flawless this year and exceed expectations once again elevating this event to a place untouched by traditional golf events."

Mobile scorers need access rights, smart phone, and most important charged battery.

The Live Scoring is expected to provide final round pairings very quickly. It is just a matter of making key adjustments before setting the 17 pairings. The mascot and its partner could be moved up the final pairings depending on Leaderboard.

"What we see as players is nothing compared to what must be happening behind the scenes," says tournament organizer Matt Pritchard. "Everyone wants the scores and they want them quickly. Our tournament has exceeded expectations time and time again."

The 2021 Carl Spackler Open begins with its annual practice round on June 10 sometime around 8:30am MST. There are 70 golfers expected to attend the 20th annual event in the high desert of Farmington, New Mexico.