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New 2 Man Scramble Format

September 6, 2012

TERRA ALTA, WV — Imagine Quack and Whitey playing in the 2 Man Scramble......  or KGB and Slick.  What used to be fantasy is now a reality.  In a long anticipated new format change, the 2 Man Scramble will now be based on the MELC leaderboard.

In the previous Golfapalooza 2 Man Scrambles, teams were put together using the raw scoreboard, placing the best golfer with the worst golfer.  The 2nd best golfer with the 2nd worst golfer, etc.

This year, the MELC leaderboard will be split in half, with the top 16 golfers going in hat "A", and the bottom 16 golfers being placed into hat "B".  Pairings will be made by drawing a golfer from the "A" hat and a the "B" hat.

The Loozer in 17th place (in the middle of the pack) will be placed, at random, with one of the twosomes, creating a threesome.  And we know how awesome threesomes can be.

Scoring will be done by the website generated MELC scoring system.  Skins will be determined by MELC score for the hole, rather than raw score.