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April 22, 2019

KALAMAZOO, MI — The 2019 Carl Spackler Open announced today it has begun its full option period. The individual planning period is open from April 23 to May 8 and will collect nearly 1,400 responses. A transcript from the press conference was supplied by Reuters for distribution.

"This is a notification that the next phase of the event is ready," said Dave Osborne of the Captains Club. "A new set of participant options are open for two weeks. The deadline for this phase of options is Wednesday, May 8.

Please allocate 30 minutes to revisit the website and complete the participant option process. Click the 'Plan your trip today!' graphic on the website. Hotel reservations, bus seats, and the liquidation of logo products in our inventory are available as long as supplies last.

The multiple hotel option plus Tuesday night option will make the roommate matching process extremely complex. Your hotel reservation can be changed to accommodate the roommate matching system. Due to availability at Angels Crossing and our event size, the Wednesday practice round will likely tee off around 10:00am for most golfers."

The 2019 Carl Spackler Open will be held at Angels Crossing in Vicksburg, Michigan. The option period is annual exercise to collect information from each player in the tournament field.

"How are you getting to Kalamazoo?" asked Matt Pritchard. "Who thinks they are riding with you? Who are you riding with and what are their plans? You cannot successfully complete options if you have not talked to your posse about how and when you will arrive to Kalamazoo. The option period will remain open for changes as you get organized."

Greg Long added, "This is your vacation, however we are asking for 30 minutes of your attention in the next two weeks. Please slow down, think, read itinerary, chat with posse, look at responses of others, and complete the options step-by-step. Return to option process and make changes. Your account balance will update automatically for each purchase.

Bus seats, wind shirts, and visor purchases could be cancelled in two weeks with lack of interest. We suggest golfers who select these items wait to pay balances or understand they will have a credit on their account for months if not a year.

We will make decisions on some options including adjusting the itinerary as soon as the option period closes. Then we will immediately begin the final collection of funds."

This phase of event planning and participant options will not include playing partner preferences. The event will address new USGA Rules, partner preferences, and transportation schedule in mid-May. The 2019 Carl Spackler Open will be held in less than 75 days.