Championship Trophy

Engraved Trophy for Year

More than just winning money, and more than having the Golden Jacket in their possession for an entire year, the Champion of each Carl Spackler Open Championship will have his name emblazoned in history. The Championship Trophy will not only denote the winner?s name, but the legacy of winners throughout the tournament's past. Who will be allowed to become the next Cinderella Story? Indeed, each year the trophy will chronicle the champion's march to greatness. This individual?s name, and the year of the accomplishment, will be permanently engraved for generations to see. The Honoree of the Carl Spackler Open presents this annual award, along with the Tournament Purse and the Golden Jacket, to the field member accumulating the most Noog Points. This Champion demonstrates what it's like to be the best; and, how to rise above his average self, much like a drunken man performs when trying to pick up a lady well out of his league.

Past Winners