Averages (last 15 rounds)
Quadruple Bogeys 0.07
Triple Bogeys 1.47
Double Bogeys 3.80
Bogeys 8.13
Pars 4.33
Birdies 0.20
Eagles 0.00
Double Eagles 0.00
Bonus Points 14.93
PostStats Stroke Handicap
As Of Sep 17 +18.77
Series Participitation
Other News
Nickname Mike
Residence Warren, PA US
Birthday April 16
Height 5 ft, 8 in
Weight 175 lbs
Occupation Sales
Playing Since 1978
Swings Right
Poor Shots Slice
Referral Member
Registration August 6, 2008
Favorite Course Blurberry Hill
Favorite Hole #2 at Blueberry
Best Shot #2 at Blueberry
8W from 110.0 yards
Hit second shot on a par 4. Hit in front of green, rolled onto green & into the hole. I have eagled bole 2 times.
Dream Foursome Pbil , Jordan , Dustin
Golf Course Pref Pace, Condition, Service
Reasons I Golf Friendships, Socialize, Get Outside
Latest Scorecards
Date   Golf Course Stks Adj Stks  
07/13/19 Angels Crossing GC 92 -0.6
07/12/19 Angels Crossing GC 88 -4.2
07/11/19 Angels Crossing GC 96 +3.0
07/10/19 Angels Crossing GC 89 -3.8
07/09/19 Grande Golf Club 96 +5.6
07/06/19 Blueberry Hill GC 89 +1.5
07/05/19 Blueberry Hill GC 93 +5.3
06/28/19 Jackson Valley CC 93 +5.5
06/22/19 Blueberry Hill GC 86 -1.4
06/16/19 Blueberry Hill GC 93 +4.3
2019 Virtual
Tourney Handicap
PostStats Stroke Handicap
As of Jan 1 +16.11
PostStats Point Handicap
Quadruple Bogey 0
Triple Bogey 0
Double Bogey 1
Bogey 2
Par 5
Birdie 8
Eagle 17
Double Eagle 25
Target 60
2019 Virtual
Tourney Statistics
PostStats Stroke Handicap
2019 Tally +20.13
+/- +4.02
National Ranking #T35
Adjusted National Ranking #30
PostStats Point Handicap
2019 Tally 55.90
National Ranking #T53
News Headline
January 1, 2011
Hawley Wins Virtual Tourney

WARREN, PA — Mike Hawley, a rookie from 2009, shot an average 12-over par and 72.1 points per round. This stellar play has earned a surprise first place finish in the season-long 2010 Virtual Tournament.

The 5-foot 8-inch salesman takes the 10th title after beating Jean Dore (of Virginia) and Matt Mogel (of New York) by 2.1 points per round.

The victory included 10 consistent rounds between 81 and 88 strokes at 4 different golf courses.

"It is not every day you win something," says Hawley of his victory. "I am very proud to see my golf game consistent."

Hawley posted 31 scorecards in 2010 and 24 scorecards in 2009. He averaged a 20-over 91.6 strokes per round in 2009. He averaged just 56.9 points per round in 2009.

"Removing 8 strokes for one round is going to happen," says a local Joe Muscaro. "Removing 8 strokes as a 20 stroke handicap over a period of time is amazing. Good for him."

Hawley best round occured at Jackson Valley Country Club on September 7. The 2-year member carded 7 pars and 2 birdies. He finished with a 10-over 81 while scoring 80 points.

"He made a strong move up the Leaderboard late in the season," says Matt Pritchard. "He hung in there and truely earned this victory."

"The tournament was tight all the way to the end," says Captains Club member Don Creighton. "With a field of 59 participants, you are never safe out there."

The Virtual Tournament is a season-long tournament that started back on January 1, 2010. All registered players will receive new points as the 2011 Virtual Tournament begins.