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March 13, 2022

PEORIA, IL — The Captains Club announced today that registration has closed early after reaching its cap. It’s is the second time the Carl Spackler Open has shut down registration early in 21 years.

“Registration is temporarily closed,” said Captains Club member Brian Long. “The player buzz has exceeded 100 golfers, which is beyond our desires to manage at this point. We need to evaluate the number of golfers registered, but strongly believe we have surpassed 92 golfers.”

The Captains Club inserted a roster cap of 92 back in October. The 92 number is divisible by 4 along with filling a 18-hole golf course at a comfortable breathable level.

“We need to allow the existing registrations to fund,” said Chad Long. “We plan to discuss the advantages to growing beyond 92 golfers with the golf course this week. The Captains Club will begin to create a waiting list moving forward to replace cancellations and decide whether the roster will increase to 96 or 100 golfers.

The 2022 Carl Spackler Open is scheduled to be held on June 22 at Metamora Fields Golf Course in Peoria, Illinois. There are expected to be 92 golfers from 19 different states.