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Roster Acceptance Begins: Phase 2

February 1, 2023

CHOCOWINITY, NC — The #1 amateur golf tournament in the United States, Carl Spackler Open, started Phase 2 of its new Roster Acceptance process this week. The Captains Club adds registered golfers listed in Phase 2 of the Roster Worksheet. Rosters are built using familiar contribution until it reaches maximum tee time availability or the registration deadline.

“We continue to slowly build our roster for Chocowinity,” said Chairman of the Captains Club Greg Long. Unpaid registered golfers for Phase 2 have until the 21st of February to pay their deposit.”

There were 22 registrants granted a pending roster spot, which includes 5 nominated rookies and special exemption. Each golfer has until the 21st of February 2023 to fund their spot making it official. Registrants who paid their deposit upon registration are automatically official participants. Unpaid participants on February 28 will be unregistered.

“The Carl Spackler Open requires $150 deposits,” says Captains Club Chief Financial Officer Rick Dosky. “Deposits for accepted participants are non-refundable and non-transferrable starting 5 months prior to each event.”

Phase 2 includes a maximum of 5 Rookies, Special Exemptions, Volunteers, Additional Playing Partner and Roommate Favorites, High Contribution Grades, and High Attendance Grades.

A Roster Worksheet, which is a list of past participants, is provided during the registration process and the order in which we build each event roster. It will also published in the website notebook.

“Unregistered participants who missed the Phase 2 deadline are accepted at the beginning of Phase 3 if registered by February 28,” says Captains Club member Matt Pritchard.

The second phase occurs throughout February 2023. Each of the three phases has three administrative actions. (1) Start each month (or phase) by adding a group of registrants as pending participants with or without payment. (2) Process received payments. (3) Unregister unpaid participants at the end of each month (or phase).

“Pending participants with an unpaid deposit are identified on the participants webpage,” says Captains Club Dave Osborne. “The vast majority of registrants paid upon registration eliminating the need to manage the calendar.”

The 2023 Carl Spackler Open is scheduled to be played in 4 1/2 months in North Carolina. There are 80 to 88 golfers expected to participate in the 22nd annual event. The first set of participant options will begin this month.