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Cornhole Tournament Draws

August 24, 2023

WHEELING, WV — "Spin that wheel!"  Today saw the cornhole tournament draws for both the singles tournament and doubles tournament.  GStan, the defending singles AND doubles champ, was flabbergasted when brackets were revealed.  "I know defending is difficult, but this is ridiculous.  First, I land in the Quadrant of Death in the singles bracket, and then, FunDan and I end up with ALOT of landmines in the path to defending our doubles belts.  These will be 2 tournaments for the ages."

Here is a breakdown of the Singles Tournament:

Northwest Region opening round matches:

Doksy vs Scoots

Kellas receives a BYE

KGB receives a BYE

DK vs JT

Southwest Region opening round matches:

GG vs Whitey - too bad this is not a first to drink 21 beers

Monte vs Spanky

Randy vs Honey

Sensei vs FunDan

Northeast Region opening round matches: Alf vs Quack

GStan vs Colton

Off Whitey vs Killer

BDubs vs Spyderrrrrrrrrrr

Southeast Region opening round matches:

SalPal vs Sleepy

Beef vs Padre

Boland vs Winthorp

EB vs SizeTen

For the Doubles tournament, players were split into 2 pots based upon their level of play.  A third pot was included to represent the position that team would take in the bracket.  Because we have 19 teams, there are 3 preliminary matches.  Reminder, the Dobles tournament is a double elimination tournament.

Preliminary Round matches:

1. Whitey & Kellas vs Bro & Snuffleupagus

2. Padre & Double Dubs vs Randy & Scott Long

3. Killer & Winthorp vs Butter & Sheiker aka Team Shock the World!

Round 1 matches:

Colton & Scoots versus Prelim match 1 winner

Honey & SizeTen vs GStan & FunDan

Monte & Slick vs BDubs & Bender

Quack & Beef vs Spyderrrrrrrrrrr & GG

Spanky & DK vs Prelim match 2 winner

Alf & Dosky vs Sleepy & SalPal

JT & EB vs Off Whitey & Chef

KGB & Sensei vs Prelim match 3 winner