King Of Corn

Winner of the Cornhole Tournament

This award will go to the Loozer who wins the double-elimination cornhole tournament at Golfapalooza. The cornhole tournament features a unique calcutta auction, in which participants bid to 'own' the person they believe will win the tournament. The person who owns the winner collects the purse from the auction. The person who owns the participant who scores the fewest number of points in pool play collects $40 - the Horse's Ass consolation prize. (You may not own yourself to qualify for the horse's ass prize). The winner of the tournament receives a trophy and another cornhole novelty item, such as a hat or shirt. Winner Responsibilities: The winner must provide the cornhole novelty item for the winner of the following year's tournament.

Past Winners
trip Golfer Reason
Golfapalooza XXVII Thomas, JT 8x champ wins the title back
Golfapalooza XXVI Kaniecki, Eric
Golfapalooza XXV Thomas, JT BORING!
Golfapalooza XXIII Thomas, JT
Golfapalooza XXII Watson, Jason
Golfapalooza XXI Thomas, JT
Golfapalooza XX Watson, Jason
Golfapalooza XVIII Thomas, JT Consistent performance throughout the entire bracket.
Golfapalooza XVII Kaniecki, Mark BORING!
Golfapalooza XV Watson, Jason Columbus pride finally wrestles a title away from Wheeling!
Golfapalooza XIV Kaniecki, Eric How bad did he want it? Screwed his own bro out of $500 to get it. Thats how bad.
Golfapalooza XIII Kaniecki, Mark Complete and utter domination
Golfapalooza XII Thomas, JT Yawn
Golfapalooza XI Thomas, JT Prepped by the Summer World Championships
Golfapalooza X Kaniecki, Eric Steady through all the rain delays
Golfapalooza IX Thomas, JT Comeback victory in the finals