Averages (last 15 rounds)
Quadruple Bogeys 0.00
Triple Bogeys 0.27
Double Bogeys 2.27
Bogeys 10.13
Pars 5.13
Birdies 0.20
Eagles 0.00
Double Eagles 0.00
Bonus Points 14.73
PostStats Stroke Handicap
As Of Jun 16 +13.13
Series Participation
Other News
Residence Galloway, OH US
Birthday April 16
Height 5 ft, 8 in
Weight 200 lbs
Occupation Logistics
Playing Since 2005
Swings Right
Poor Shots Hook
Referral Other
Registration October 20, 2010
Club Distance Driver: 240 yds | 5 Iron: 190 yds | 7 Iron: 155 yds
Dream Foursome Michael Jordan , Tiger Woods , Tom Brady
Golf Course Pref Condition, Pace, Layout
Reasons I Golf Socialize, Friendships, Get Outside
Latest Scorecards
Date   Golf Course Stks Adj Stks  
06/08/24 The Medalist GC 87 N/A
06/07/24 The Medalist GC 86 N/A
06/06/24 The Medalist GC 88 N/A
06/05/24 The Medalist GC 91 N/A
05/27/24 Thorn Apple CC 91 +7.4
05/26/24 Thorn Apple CC 90 +6.4
05/20/24 Cherokee Hills GC 86 +2.4
05/07/24 Indian Bayou GC 89 +3.6
05/06/24 Windswept Dunes 95 +9.4
05/04/24 Thorn Apple CC 88 +4.4
2024 Virtual
Tourney Handicap
PostStats Stroke Handicap
As of Jan 1 +12.53
PostStats Point Handicap
Quadruple Bogey 0
Triple Bogey 0
Double Bogey 1
Bogey 2
Par 4
Birdie 10
Eagle 16
Double Eagle 25
Target 63
2024 Virtual
Tourney Statistics
PostStats Stroke Handicap
2024 Tally +17.92
+/- +5.39
National Ranking #T29
Adjusted National Ranking #T47
PostStats Point Handicap
2024 Tally 56.44
National Ranking #T54
News Headline
April 21, 2011
Leitz Joins Tournament

GALLOWAY, OH — Bobby Leitz filed the required paperwork to attend the national 2011 Carl Spackler Open. He is one of the most experienced golfers from the large rookie class. Reports out of several media outlets suggest that he enters the golf tournament by financial force.

Bobby Leitz won the lottery last summer while playing in an outing at Safari Golf Course in Powell, OH. The rookie was paired with Bobby Owens, Michael Gibson, and Justin Gorby for the 18-hole event.

The pairing arrived to the 10th hole, which is a par 3. The outing was holding a $10,000 hole-in-one contest at the 10th hole. Bobby Leitz hit his ball. Justin Gorby teed up and before addressing the ball... he said, "If I hole this... I am buying everyone's Spackler next year."

It was the $1,916 invoice heard around the world.

(Michael Gibson's immediate comment regarding the hole-in-one. "Load up the participant options this year," said an excited Gibson. "I will take one of everything."

Bobby Owens also had a comment. He said, "There is only one thing better than Spackler. A free Spackler."

The Spackler business office offered the 30-year old Gorby a rare option of pre-paying $8,550. The remaining prize would cover his Spackler expenses for 19 years. "The pre-payment would cover you through the age of 49," said CFO Rick Dosky. "You can move up a tee as a senior the next time you pay for Spackler.")

Leitz turned 37 years old last week. He has posted 2 pessimistic rounds to date, which labels him as one of the strongest bogey golfer in the midwest.

"We are excited that Leitz has finally broken down and decided on the right thing," member Justin Gorby said. "He is a great addition as we become a competitive national tournament."

The Ohioian is expected to receive 1 point for double-bogey, 2 points for bogey, and 5 points for par.

The 2011 Carl Spackler Open will be held at Mountain Valley Golf Course in 49 days. There are 93 participants expected for the 11th annual golf tournament. Glenn Hoffert, Corey Carter, and Kelly Smith withdrew in the last 2 weeks.