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Phase 3 Starts March 1

February 28, 2024

MARSHALL, MI — The Carl Spackler Open, renowned as the #1 amateur golf tournament in the United States, officially begins Phase 3 of its highly anticipated Roster Acceptance process at the beginning of March. The Captains Club continues the meticulous task of building the participant list for the 23rd annual event scheduled to take place in three months.

Chairman of the Captains Club, Greg Long, emphasized the significance of this third phase, stating, "We will reach our initial roster maximum for our Michigan event in early March. Registrants listed under the Phase 3 of the Roster Worksheet are added as pending participants. Unpaid pending participants have until the 21st of March to pay their $200 deposit. We will complete the roster in early April based on funded single occupancy rooms, funded registrants, and space available."

A total of 43 registrants were added on January 1 as part of Phase 1 of the Roster Build. Another 32 registrants were added as part of Phase 2. Approximately two-thirds of those registrants had paid the deposit upon registration.

Phase 2 ended with one unpaid registrant opening the door for 6 registrants to be added as part of Phase 3 as the roster reaches 80 golfers. Unpaid pending registrants have three weeks, to secure their place by making the required deposit. Failure to receive a full $200 deposit in March will result in the removal and unregistering of all pending participants.

Captains Club Chief Financial Officer, Rick Dosky, explained, "The Carl Spackler Open requires $200 deposits. Deposits for accepted participants became non-refundable and non-transferrable starting five months prior our event."

Phase 3 encompasses the remaining registrants sorted by a combination of contribution and attendance grades. The order in which each event roster is constructed is determined by the information provided in the Roster Worksheet. The active sheet is available within the registration process and inside the website notebook.

"All remaining roster spots after March 1 are given only to paid registrants using the Roster Worksheet,” says Captains Club member Chad Long. “This is completed in seconds immediately after Phase 3. Funded single room reservations by March 31 will set the roster size.”

The three-phase approach involves adding a group of registrants as pending participants at the start of each month (or phase), processing received payments, and unregistering unpaid participants at the end of each month (or phase). The participants' webpage identifies pending participants with unpaid deposits. A large portion of registrants make payments upon registration, streamlining the calendar management process.

With the 2024 Carl Spackler Open slated to unfold in Michigan in four months, organizers anticipate participation of 80 golfers in this landmark 23rd edition. The first set of participant options rolled out on February 2 and close in early April, building excitement among golf enthusiasts and setting the stage for another thrilling tournament experience.