Rookie of the Year


The Rookie of the Year is open to rookies during each tournament weekend. The award is won based on the vote of the Founding Fathers as to which rookie contributes the most to the weekend. This is one of the more hotly contested awards every year.

Past Winners
trip Golfer Reason
Golfapalooza XXVII Bender, Kyle Bender for President!
Golfapalooza XXVI Yost, Jeffery Jr Beef is Meat
Golfapalooza XXV Hagelberger, Matthew Vulgar Jesus!
Golfapalooza XXII Granata, Joe
Golfapalooza XXI White, David
Golfapalooza XX Mullins, Kevin
Golfapalooza XVIIII Willett, Hunter
Golfapalooza XVIII Greene, Jon RG IV the only rookie but did enough to merit it
Golfapalooza XVII Alford, Kyle Well deserved - (until he tried to shoot Patron with Spyder)
Golfapalooza XVI Combs, Adam The man made his presence felt over the weekend
Golfapalooza XV Green, Ronnell JACKAYYYYYYYYY!!! Poor Richie Wolff picked the wrong year to be a rookie.
Golfapalooza XIV Munksgard, Jon Edged out Koolaid. Why not? He won everything else.
Golfapalooza XIII Dougherty, Dennis Could've had it last year if he showed up
Golfapalooza XI Montgomery, Mark The Jaeger clinched it.
Golfapalooza X Watson, Brian Chef
Golfapalooza IX Carlstrom, Brian Voted by the Steering Committee
Golfapalooza VIII Melick, Eric Founding Fathers Vote
Golfapalooza VII Lyme, Brett
Golfapalooza VI Boland, Patrick
Golfapalooza V McCormick, Brian
Golfapalooza IV Watson, Jason
Golfapalooza III Bartlett, Stacy
Golfapalooza II Davis, Greg
Golfapalooza I Kolibash, Bill