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February 21 Deadline for Phase 2

February 7, 2024

MARSHALL, MI — The Carl Spackler Open, heralded as the premier amateur golf tournament in the United States, swung into action again on February 1 with its Roster Acceptance process. The Captains Club added registered golfers listed in Phase 2 of the Roster Worksheet, assembling the lineup for the eagerly anticipated 23rd annual event set to take place in Marshall, Michigan.

Change Chairman of the Captains Club, Greg Long, shared insights into the ongoing roster-building efforts, stating, "We are slowly building our roster for Marshall. Unpaid registered golfers listed as 'pending' on the website have until the 21st of February to pay their $200 deposit. Golfers without a paid deposit will be 'unregistered' at the end of February."

In early February, the tournament granted 32 registrants pending roster spots, with most already having paid, automatically securing their status as official participants. Unpaid pending participants are given three weeks to pay their deposit or face unregistration from the tournament in late-February.

Rick Dosky, Chief Financial Officer of the Captains Club, emphasized the financial commitment required, stating, "The Carl Spackler Open requires $200 deposits. Deposits for accepted participants became non-refundable and non-transferrable back in January."

Phase 2 of the Roster Worksheet encompasses a diverse array of categories including volunteers, favorite playing partners, higher contribution grades, and higher attendance grades. The worksheet, a document listing past participants, guides the order in which event rosters are constructed, and is made available during the registration process and on the tournament's website.

Captains Club member Greg Garrett highlighted the flexibility for latecomers, stating, "Unregistered participants who missed the Phase 2 deadline are accepted at the beginning of Phase 3 if registered by February 29. The same is true if registered and funded prior to March 31."

Throughout February, Phase 2 unfolds, encompassing three key administrative actions: adding registrants as pending participants, processing received payments, and unregistering unpaid participants by month-end.

"Pending participants with unpaid deposits are identified on the participants' webpage," clarified Captains Club member Greg Garrett. "Fortunately, the vast majority of registrants paid upon registration, eliminating the need for calendar management."

With the 2024 Carl Spackler Open slated to grace the Michigan greens in 3 1/2 months.  Organizers anticipate the participation of 80 or 84 golfers in this much-awaited 23rd edition of its event. The first set of participant options emerged in early February, promising another thrilling chapter in the legacy of this esteemed golf event.