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October 12, 2023

STREETSBORO, OH — In a thrilling development for golf enthusiasts and fans of the Carl Spackler Open, the #1 tournament in amateur golf has expanded its horizons by adding Boulder Creek Golf Club to the list of potential venues for its highly anticipated 2024 event.

Boulder Creek Golf Club, located in the picturesque state of Ohio, has garnered attention for its breathtaking setting and rich natural history. The golf course, renowned for its spectacular elevation changes of over 100 feet and a layout that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding natural topography, has earned a reputation as one of Ohio's most stunning golfing destinations. This unique approach to course design, which harmoniously incorporates the land's natural features, often results in a challenging and visually captivating golfing experience.

"Boulder Creek joins our 2024 venue list for July," announced Captains Club member Dave Osborne. "Boulder has confirmed availability for both July 10-13 and July 17-20. We are grateful to report the Carl Spackler Open has found at least one opportunity for 2024."

The Ohio golf course was scouted in June 2022 and received glowing feedback regarding its condition and affordability. Dave Osborne's endorsement, referring to it as one of his all-time favorites and highlighting the course's character, further adds to its allure as a potential venue for the Carl Spackler Open.

"Really good public course near Cleveland," remarked Dave Osborne. "Very strong layout with superb conditions. Fluffy bunkers, thick-ish rough. Good mix of long and short holes which is something for everyone."

Boulder Creek Golf Club's strategic location between Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, makes it a conveniently accessible choice for a diverse group of golfers from across the nation. The presence of a dedicated banquet facility for player meetings and awards dinners, coupled with nearby hotels, solidifies its suitability for hosting an event as prestigious as the Carl Spackler Open.

"There are a handful of hotels with endless nightlife," says Captains Club member Jason Ridgeway. "The golf course is less than 10 minutes and nightlife is within walking distance."

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Boulder Creek Golf Club emerges as the first contender on the list of potential venues for the 2024 event, setting the stage for the 23rd annual Carl Spackler Open. As the Captains Club diligently evaluates proposals and refines its plans for the upcoming tournament, participants and golf enthusiasts alike can anticipate further updates. The practice round is set to take place on either June 5, July 10, or July 17, promising an exciting and competitive experience for all involved. Stay tuned for more developments as the Carl Spackler Open continues to shape its legacy in the world of amateur golf.