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Weaver Ridge Considered

October 17, 2023

PEORIA, IL — The anticipation is building among golf enthusiasts as the possibility of the Carl Spackler Open making a triumphant return to Peoria, Illinois, gains momentum. While the event has a storied history in the area, this time, there's a twist in the tale—the tournament is eyeing Weaver Ridge as the new host course.

Weaver Ridge, often touted as Illinois' most spectacular Championship golf course, is nestled amidst rolling hills and lush forested valleys, providing a breathtaking backdrop for a world-class golfing experience. Surrounded by the stunning homes of WeaverRidge, this course was masterfully designed by Hurdzan-Fry to harmoniously blend nature with impeccable design.

"The Peoria venue along with an upscale Weaver Ridge Golf Club would certaintly be one of the greatest venues in Spackler history," said Chairman of the Captains Club Greg Long. "Weaver Ridge would be the best golf course played since the Raven in West Virginia back in 2013."

The standout features of Weaver Ridge include multiple bent grass tees and fairways, greens that are both fast and true, elevations that offer both challenge and drama, and top-notch practice facilities for golfers looking to sharpen their skills or simply warm up before a round. The course's reputation for quality and excellence makes it the perfect candidate to host the esteemed Carl Spackler Open.

However, the return to Peoria wouldn't be complete without a familiar lodging partner. Stoney Creek, a well-known and highly regarded establishment in the area, is set to welcome participants and attendees. The convenience of Stoney Creek extends beyond comfortable lodging; it boasts convenience stores, a spacious banquet room, and multiple bars, all within walking distance.

The decision to move the tournament to Weaver Ridge while maintaining the lodging arrangement at Stoney Creek aims to enhance the overall experience for participants and attendees alike. It promises a seamless blend of world-class golf and exceptional accommodations.

As discussions continue and excitement builds, Peoria, Illinois, eagerly awaits the final decision regarding the host venue for the upcoming Carl Spackler Open. With the stunning Weaver Ridge course and the convenience of Stoney Creek, this promises to be a tournament to remember, embracing both tradition and innovation to create an unforgettable golfing event.