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June 5-8, 2024

October 29, 2023

WESTERVILLE, OH — The Carl Spackler Open, a prestigious golf tournament, has a rich history spanning 23 years, during which it took place in 14 different states and featured 390 unique players. The Captains Club, the event's governing body, confirmed the 2024 tournament's date, which keeps a June tradition.

The Captains Club made the noteworthy announcement declaring the tournament would return to its original slot over the 1st weekend of June, specifically June 5-8, 2024. This schedule places it nine days after Memorial Day and eight days before Father's Day.

Chris Price emphasized the importance of getting the date out. “A date might seem simple, but many participants plan their schedules a year in advance,” said Chris Price. “This type of decision reverberates outward altering hundreds of schedules."

Bill Bateson continued reading the press release, "The club has chosen the 1st week of June for 2024. It’s important to note that the event will adjust its date in 2025 or 2026 to accommodate various scheduling conflicts each year."

The primary challenge with date remains the clash with high school graduations, weddings, college graduations, select birthdays, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Fathers Day. Nevertheless, secondary dates in mid-April, mid-May, and mid-July remain viable options for future events.

Pat Boland, reflecting on the event's history, stated, "We cherish our lush Bermuda grass and the beauty of the northern oaks in full bloom. While the inaugural tournament was held in a chilly March 2001 in Myrtle Beach, we swiftly moved toward making it a summer classic, starting with the 2002 Carl Spackler Open in Williamsburg, VA, during mid-April. The championship found its current June home in June 2003, and it remained there for eight years, except for the exceptional move to April in 2010 for a once-in-a-decade golf trip to southern Texas. Since 2012, the tournament has been held in mid-May, late-June, and mid-July."

The chosen date is carefully considered to avoid scorching and humid temperatures in the southern states while ensuring a comfortable summer climate for Michigan and New York. It also helps participants steer clear of rusty swings, football season, fall weddings, mid-summer vacations, popular wedding anniversary dates, and daily spring rains.

In closing, the Captains Club eagerly anticipates its 23rd major championship. Bill Bateson along with Carl Spackler Open winners Chris Price and Pat Boland departed to a local pub to discuss the 'stroke-and-distance' rule.

The Captains Club remains committed to selecting the 2024 tournament location. The next Carl Spackler Open, slated for June 5-8, 2024, is expected to draw 64 to 88 participants for this 4-day national championship. A decision regarding the venue is anticipated after Halloween.