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1st Set of Participant Options Open

February 2, 2024

MARSHALL, MI — The Captains Club, organizers of the highly anticipated 23rd Carl Spackler Open, announced today the commencement of the selection period for the first set of participant options. Golf enthusiasts and participants can now make crucial decisions ranging from lodging reservations to apparel orders, marking the initial step towards a seamless and enjoyable event.

Greg Long, Chairman of the Captains Club, highlighted the significance of this phase, stating, "The main purpose for the initial set of participant options is to collect single occupancy lodging reservations and set a maximum roster size of 80, 84, 88, or 92. We are also ready to collect apparel orders and begin the full collection of outstanding balances."

The first set of participant options includes key elements such as single occupancy rooms, confirming the Spackler kickoff time, apparel orders, and the identification of replay round participants. This first set of participant options is part of a three-phase plan designed to streamline the tournament’s field of players.

"This is the first of three sets of participant options," added Greg Long. "We will collect roommates and playing partners inside the second set of participant options in March. Then finalize our event with a third set of options in May."

The Quality Inn & Suites, offering 40 rooms with 2 beds, will serve as the lodging venue. The Medalist Golf Club in Marshall, Michigan, will host the golf tournament with space for 92 golfers. The golf course is expected to present plenty of challenges starting with white-staked hazards lining many of the holes.

"The present plan is to build a roster with 80 golfers," said Captains Club member Dave Osborne. "The roster maximum can increase to 84, 88, or 92 roster spots provided we have funded 4, 8, or 12 single occupancy rooms."

A unique feature of the single occupancy room option includes a "desire to help if needed" selection. Participants opting for double occupancy can express their willingness to be contacted in March 2024 if a single occupancy contribution can help increase the roster size or balance the hotel budget with an even number of single occupancy rooms.

The 2024 Carl Spackler Open, scheduled to take place at The Medalist Golf Club, anticipates a tournament field of 80 golfers. The possibility of expanding the roster to 84, 88, or 92 golfers hinges on the selections and payments made for single occupancy rooms.

Golf enthusiasts and participants are encouraged to seize this opportunity to shape their Carl Spackler Open experience by engaging with the participant options available during this selection period.