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Double Dose of Dave
Double Dose of Dave
Osborne Fires 76 Points
Oz Scores 65
Super Dave Osborne
Oz Scores 65

June 21, 2007

POWELL, OH — Super Dave Osborne, a.k.a. Oz, carded 65 points last weekend at newly renovated Safari Golf Club in Powell, OH. The round was his first following his first major championship and included 2 birdies.

"The birdies covered up a poor round," said Oz of his round. "I don't want to be negative, but two pars instead of two birdies drops my scorecard to 51 points. Better consistency is so important at the very short zoo design."

The downplayed birdies occured at Hole 15, which is a very long 400-yard par 4. The other at Hole 8, the 510-yard par 5. The birdie duo was worth 20 points.

"Osborne is fine," says David Lauderhass. "He talks consistent, but I don't see it. He had 11 bogeys. I see a finely tuned athlete that runs circles around most golfers his size."

Chad Long's comment sounded like a question. "How does anyone card zero pars, but shoot 2 birdies, 11 bogeys, and 5 double bogeys at Safari? "

In related news, Osborne struggled as a rookie in his first major in Michigan a few weeks ago. He feel apart down the stretch which resulted in 58th position of just 62 golfers.

Osborne has better luck going in the 2007 Virtual Tournament. Oz has a strangle-hold on 6th position with 66.4 points per round. His tournament position is led by a monsterous 87-point effort at Rolling Meadows in May.