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Phase 2 of Options Available

April 15, 2022

PEORIA, IL — The Captains Club announced today that Phase 2 of Participant Options selection period is now open. The options will collect a variety of information ranging from transportation plans to player partner preferences to apparel purchases.

“We need to collect more information from each golfer participating,” said Chairman of Captains Club Greg Long. “Everyone is being two weeks to complete them and pay their remaining balances.”

The collection will include (1) apparel color preference, (2) apparel purchases, replay round purchase, (3) confirming an understanding of a 3rd golf rule, (4) selecting playing partner preferences, and (5) sharing transportation plans.

“Lack of communication is not an option with 90+ people,” added Long. “We need to hear from everyone.” An automated email was sent to everyone on Friday, April 15, 2022. Golfers should expect it and those who don’t get it should be addressing their problem with the Carl Spackler Open.

Long continued, “We are collecting a ranked playing partner preferences list from all 96 people. We are going to collect a roster for the Thursday replay round."

The replay round for the 2022 Carl Spackler Open will be held on Thursday. It will not be held traditionally on Friday. The Captains Club is actively looking for a new and more fun environment for replay round if one exists. Everyone is encouraged to offer up all ideas.

Transportation costs have never been higher. Golfers are asked to share their transportation plans to encourage ride sharing.

The 2022 Carl Spackler Open will be held at Metamora Fields in Peoria, Illinois. The golf course is not expected to have white staked hazards nor contain Par 3 drop zones. The event will focus on four basic golf rules with two in Phase 1 of the participant options process and one of them being part of Phase 2 participant option process. “We must have 100% agreement with 96 golfers of the rules,” said Long. “The Captains Club members will be actively involved in making sure everyone embraces four basic golf rules.”

The 21st Carl Spackler Open closed registration with a roster of 96 golfers from 19 different states. A waiting list exists to replace for golfers who cancel. Golfers wishing to be added to the waiting list are encouraged to contact us. Golfers have 14 days or two weeks to complete Phase 2 of roster planning.