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Double Dose of Dave
Double Dose of Dave
Osborne Fires 76 Points
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Osborne Fires 76 Points

August 23, 2007

COLUMBUS, OH — Member Dave Osborne shot a 19-over 91 last Saturday for a share of 6th place with Jason Ridgeway in the 2007 Virtual Tournament. The 47-year-old Osborne, a winner of nothing except a couple of small local scramble outings, fired 76 points at the brand new John Cook designed Northstar Golf Resort located just north of Columbus, OH.

"I hit some good short irons in there today," said Osborne of good start. "In particular, my approach shot at the second hole was stellar. It led to a birdie and more importantly 10 points. I drove the ball well on the front nine, which is what you have to do out here."

Osborne added, "You've got to play the ball from the fairway because of the rough. You can get some good lies in the rough, but you can get some gnarly lies. And depending where they put the pins, you just don't want to be coming in from the rough."

Osborne did manage to rack up most of his excess strokes over four single holes. His scorecard included four hockey sticks and just two holes with zero points. Northstar was worth 23 bonus points, which also contributed to the high number of points.

"Oz's game seems to be coming around this summer," said member Dave Lauerhass. "He is one of those guys that plays a different course each week and continues to chug along and move up the board. That kind of consistency defines strength instead of perceiving strength."

Dave Osborne moves into 6th position with 69.9 points per round. There are currently 60 participants on the Leaderboard with a little over four months left in the Virtual Tournament. The season-long tournament is expected to lose considerable scorecard volume starting in two weeks with football season underway.