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The Ryder Cup meets Golfapalooza

August 24, 2012

TERRA ALTA, WV — At a late afternoon press conference today, the Golfapalooza Founding Fathers announced, that for the first time in the history of the event, Loozers will have the opportunity to enjoy and compete in a match play/Ryder Cup format - in the inaugural KGB Captain's Cup.

After lengthy discussions, the Founding Fathers are offering the opportunity to be included in this event during the Wednesday Practice Round. Founding Father KGB stated, "We felt this event allowed us to maintain the integrity and format of our current tournament and MELC Championship, yet add some gamesmanship and a unique and enjoyable experience to the Practice Round." Inclusion in the event is strictly optional for those playing in the practice round, still providing the players to have as much practice as they normally would. KGB added, "Players will maintain the opportunity to hit as many practice shots and putts as the would in a normal practice round, understanding that the first shot they hit will be deemed their match play shot, until holed out from each consecutive shot location."

Tabbed as the inaugural Captains are Founding Father GStan and 13-year member JT Thomas. "GStan and I will draft the teams and select the strategic matchups and foursomes in the fairest and mutually-agreeable manner possible", announced JT. He then added, "We will even handicap the event accordingly, if deemed necessary."

Unveiling the match format, GStan announced "The matches will be played with the first six holes in a 2-man scramble match, followed with 6 alternating shot holes and concluding with 6 hole singles matches."

Cup namesake KGB concluded at the podium, "Once all practice round participants are confirmed and their intent to participate in the KGB Cup declared, GStan and JT will draft their teams and event information will be finalized and released."

Founding Father Butta Flanagan was in attendance but never took the podium. However, he was seen on camera on several occasions shaking his head and lipping the term "M-E-L-C".

Stay tuned to the event site and your emails over the next week.