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Teams, Matchups & Pairings Released for the KGB

August 31, 2012

TERRA ALTA, WV — Teams, Matchups and Pairings have been set for the Inaugural KGB Cup. Team Jambonians and Team G-Staniacs are set as follows:

Jambonians      Group 1     G-Staniacs

JT (13) vs G-Stan (14) Quack (11) vs Whitey (10)

Group 2  *** Brent (19) vs Cane (14) and Butter (23) Melick (17) vs Randy (20)

Group 3 Kid (20) vs Sleepy (21) Guy (20) vs Al (20)

Group 4 Frankie (22) vs Jackie (22) Rookie Combs (21) vs Spanky (21)

Group 5 AJ (29) vs Bro (29) Killer (26) vs Walt (26)

Group 6 Chef (33) vs Munk (32) Sheik (35) vs Size10 (33)