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GXXVI - Options to Open July 1

June 29, 2022

TERRA ALTA, WV — The Golfapalooza Founding Fathers convened a press conference to announce the price and general layout of GXXVI. Founding Father Butter Flanagan took the microphone to begin.

"After extensive negotiations with the pro shop and lodge management we have come to an agreement for how GXXVI will work," Flanagan said. "As we had previously mentioned the entire lodge has been reserved for us for the week beginning on Tuesday night. Golf will look the same with the KGB Cup on Wednesday and four man scrambles Thursday - Saturday. I'm going to summarize everything by area here in a second."

Lodging - We have the entire lodge starting Tuesday. Based on projected headcount there will be a need for a few people to share a room, but everyone will have their own bed. Within the options will be selections such as what floor and side of the building (clubhouse or putt putt) you prefer as well as preferred roommates. Some of the rooms are pet friendly so we will try to accommodate anyone that has cat/dog allergies. The trip cost includes lodging Wednesday - Saturday. Rooms will be available for those Loozers who want to arrive Monday or Tuesday as the lodge has made their Stay and Play package an option to us. For $50 per guy on Monday and Tuesday you can stay at the lodge and get a round of golf. The rounds of golf that come with this package have to be used outside the event sponsored rounds of golf and you are on your own to make the necessary tee times as you have in the past.

We will utilize a few hotel rooms for gather space for snacks, Woo Woo, cards, etc.

With all of the changes this year it's really important to make sure you read the options menus before you make your selections as options have changed.

Food - We will have an item in the Notebook about food but here's the overview.

Breakfast - Wednesday through Saturday the lodge will have a buffet for us in the upstairs dining room. The menu for that is still being finalized. Coffee will be included in the buffet. Each room will also have the standard issue coffee makers.

Lunch - On your own at the Pro Shop as in prior years. (I hear they will have chili this year for sauce dogs.)

Dinner - We will do the buffet style dinners in the lodge as we have the last couple years. Menus are being finalized over the next few weeks and will be published hopefully by August 1.

Golf - The KGB Cup will be on Wednesday afternoon with Bro and JT as captains. The draft for this event will take place once the attendance is finalized. As in the past this is its own option selection.

Thursday - Saturday rounds will be four man scramble teams with handicaps determined for each team. There are both mandatory and optional contests each day with the mandatory contests included in the trip price.

We have negotiated $2.50 regular beers and $4 craft beers in the pro shop again. We think it will be the Screech Owl products but still need to confirm this. There will be cart service on the course again this year.

"With all of the above in mind, the cost of this year's trip is still very low for food, lodging and golf of $590. The slight increase from last year is due  to the change in lodging venues. We are excited about this because, for the first time in many years we will once again have everyone staying in the same place which we believe will make the trip that much better."

Trip option selection will being on July 1. Once the field is finalized we will ask Loozers to review their roommate selections to consider any additions during July.

Options will close August 7th.  We have a lot to plan once options close, please be courteous to that date and get it done on time.

11 weeks out - can't wait!!!!!