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GXXI Registration Open; Apparel Order Changes

July 25, 2017

TERRA ALTA, WV — Golfapalooza XXI is only seven weeks away and registration is finally up for Loozers to make their selections. Golfapalooza founder GStan had a few words to say about this year's event.

"Golfapalooza XXI will be here before we know it and we are pumped to see where the next 20 years of this event leads us. We intended for the four man scramble to be a one time thing as something different for GXX. After we were done, the feedback we got was so overwhelmingly positive we decided to bring it back for another year. We will organize the teams in the same way as last year so that everyone plays with someone different every day. I'd like to thank Bro up front for his spreadsheet wizardry in taking this such an easy thing to edit."

"All the usual course wagering options will be back this year," GStan continued. "After a one year break, the JT cumulative par 3 score on 18 wager will be back. Randy was able to provide the results from last year for JT to come up with something that he felt comfortable backing."

Butter Flanagan called in from his beach chair in South Carolina to talk about apparel. "We've been fortunate to have ordered from the same apparel company for as long as I can remember. Bro and I drove down to see them a few Saturdays ago to pick out what we wanted to order this year. After meeting with them and seeing everything they could offer to us, they proposed setting up a dedicated website through their portal for us to offer more selections than we've ever had. As a result of this, Loozers who order extra apparel this year will pay the company, Embroidery Design Group, directly instead of paying Sheik. You will only have to go to this site if you want something more than a golf shirt. The golf shirt that has been provided in the past will still happen; picking out your size for this is included with the rest of the trip options. We are excited for this change and expect the link to be ready by the end of this week (July 28). The link for the apparel will be set up in the Notebook once it's ready."

50 days remain until the KGB Cup. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!