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Options Open July 20; Trip Cost Finalized

July 15, 2015

TERRA ALTA, WV — The Founding Fathers are proud to announce that option selection for Golfapalooza GXVIIII will begin July 20 and continue through August 17.

"To longtime Loozers, this timing should come as no surprise," said Founding Father and CFO Sheiker. "For a while now, this trip has intentionally kept a low profile to allow our friends at the Carl Spackler Open to maximize the visibility of their fine outing. As their trip was near the end of June this year, our profile was a little lower than usual."

"The option menu contains a few small changes for this year. Due to popular demand, we will be collecting greens fees for Wednesday through the option selection. For a few years now, Loozers have been asking to pay up front for their golf on Wednesday. While it's usually only a couple that forget, that just means there's not as much available at the card tables or cornhole boards. There are two choices for golf activities on Wednesday. Loozers will be able to choose between playing in the KGB Cup or playing a regular practice round. Once the final participants are determined, captains will be chosen for the KGB Cup. This year's apparel will be based on the scarlet and gray of the Ohio State Buckeyes as chosen by Quack."

This year's trip will have a base cost of $370. As everyone knows, we do our best to provide the best value in golf, but unfortunately housing costs have increased over the last couple years and have led to this unavoidable increase. Greens fees are the same as in prior years and $2 beers will still be available at the clubhouse. All in all, we are expecting another outstanding year.

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!