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July 15, 2011

TERRA ALTA, WV — As vacation season reaches its peak and kids start to get bombarded with back to school sales everywhere they turn, so does another rite of summer come upon us. It's once again time to sign up for what many consider to be the greatest value in golf. Beginning today, Loozers may make their tournament option selections for Golfapalooza XV simply by clicking on the clipboard on the main page.

"Loozers will find a small price increase this year," said Founding Father and Finance Office Manager Sheiker today. "As everyone knows the Founding Fathers aim to provide one of the best values in golf in Golfapalooza. Unfortunately, we had to raise the price by $5 this year. That being said, Loozers will be presented with many opportunities over the course of the weekend to win some of that money back."

As Sheiker wrapped up his comments, two-time Most Valuable Loozer Bro stepped in to elaborate. "I will be organizing one of the many optional contests," Bro said. "Every day there will be a long drive contest and a prize for the longest putt made on 18 with the winning Loozer taking home their share of the pot. Between my contest, 100 FEET!!!!, the return of JT's +11.5 contest on 18, ball toss in between groups and other friendly wagers on the hillside, a Loozer has a chance to get his money back on the trip on the 18th green. How easy can it get?"

MELC champion Jon "Mater" Munksgard and Green Jacket winner Ken "Spider" Pagett are among 18 Loozers currently committed to this year's event. Golfapalooza Chairman GStan is not worried at this time about the slow start. "We know it takes a while to get some of these Loozers motivated. Hell, even Butter has not officially accepted his invitation! There are a lot of potential Loozers out there. Rumor has it that Grandpa Al is definitely leaning towards another appearance. There's a good chance Bartlett will be back this year, Munk's brother might show up, Sleepy and Double G haven't accepted their invites, I could go on and on! As we all know what matters matters, and that doesn't matter right now."

Sign up options will be available through August 15th. Online payments are being accepted through the Google Checkout link on the Pay Balance screen. If you can't find your amount to pay, pick the closest amount to it and settle up with Sheik at the cabin.