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Roster Acceptance Begins: Phase 3

March 1, 2023

CHOCOWINITY, NC — The #1 amateur golf tournament in the United States, Carl Spackler Open, started Phase 3 of its new Roster Acceptance process this week. The Captains Club added 14 registered golfers listed in Phase 3 of the Roster Worksheet. Rosters are built using familiar contribution until it reaches maximum tee time availability or the registration deadline.

“We are taking another step forward towards finalizing our roster for Chocowinity,” said Captains Club member Jason Ridgeway. “Unpaid registered golfers for Phase 3 have until the 21st of March to pay their deposit.”

The first set of Participant Options were opened on February 22. The options included single room reservations.

"Early selections for participant options sold a few single occupancy rooms at the Fairfield Inn & Suites," added Ridgeway. "We collected $1,204 for 4 single rooms hours before March 1, 2023. Our maximum roster space jumps from 80 to 84 golfers. We tentatively have 82 participants with paid deposits and 2 pending participants."

The Roster Worksheet continues to be updated as needed. It is located inside the website notebook.

There were 14 registrants granted a pending roster spot in Phase 3, which included a combination of highest remaining contributors and attendance grades.

“The Carl Spackler Open requires $150 deposits,” says Captains Club Chief Financial Officer Rick Dosky. “Deposits for accepted participants are non-refundable and non-transferrable starting 5 months prior to each event.” Pending participants with an unpaid deposit are identified on the participants webpage.

“Unregistered participants who missed any deadline are accepted at the beginning of April 2023 if registered by March 30,” says Captains Club member Jason Ridgeway. "All further roster acceptance will only come from paid registrants."

The vast majority of registrants paid upon registration. This choice eliminated the need to manage the calendar.

The 2023 Carl Spackler Open is scheduled to be played in 3 1/2 months in North Carolina. There are 84 or 88 golfers expected to participate in the 22nd annual event. The first set of participant options are open until April 4 for selection.