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Final Roster Space Explained

March 7, 2023

CHOCOWINITY, NC — The #1 amateur golf tournament in the United States, Carl Spackler Open, has built most of its 2023 roster for North Carolina. The Captains Club has added 84 registered golfers using the Roster Worksheet over several months.

“Registrants with a paid deposit are now on our waiting list,” said Captains Club member Greg Garrett. “The last step involves accepting only paid registrants using the Roster Worksheet. This will occur on April 1 or April 2 with paid single room reservations as a primary factor. Unpaid registrants will be skipped over and not part of the waiting list."

Vacant roster space is expected after Phase 3. The Roster Worksheet is used to fill the remaining spots with registrants who have already paid. These additions can be (1) re-registered golfers who missed a previous deadline, (2) further Phase 3 registrants not accepted, and (3) further rookies. All golfers must be both registered and paid or will be skipped over.

The Roster Worksheet and complete acceptance process is available inside the website notebook.

There are 40 rooms with 2 queen beds and space for 88 golfers at the golf course. The size of roster is dependent on funded single room reservations. The Carl Spackler Open collected $1,204 in single room funding from 4 participant allowing the roster size to reach 84 golfers. The event can increase the roster to 88 golfers with a collection of another $1,204 for 4 more single rooms.

“Roster acceptance in April could also depend on willingness to purchase a single room,” added Captains Club member Bill Bateson. “The month of March could shed light on our final roster size and our participants.”

Paid registrants not accepted into the 2023 Carl Spackler Open will be contacted in April 2023 to remain on our waiting list or receive a full refund. The waiting list will be used to replace golfers who cancel and additional roster space created by collecting another $1,204 for single rooms.

"We are allowing our new process to build our roster," added Greg Garrett. "We do not control cancellations, but they do occur each and every year. We will also use only paid registrants to fill those spots."

The 2023 Carl Spackler Open is scheduled to be played in 3 months in North Carolina. There are 84 or 88 golfers expected to participate in the 22nd annual event. The first set of participant options are open for selection until April 4.