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April 26, 2023

WASHINGTON, NC — The Captains Club held it's weekly press conference on Thursday and announced the prizes and awards scheduled for the 2023 Carl Spackler Open. Matt Pritchard, Vice President of Awards, stepped up to the podium to deliver the prepared statement.

"First, I am glad to be attending yet another Spackler and looking forward to seeing everyone once again in North Carolina. Our present champion, Chad Cronouer, is scheduled to make his first appearance on Wednesday evening for the annual Welcome Player Meeting.

Pritchard then turned to his written statement for guidance. "The Captains Club has full intentions of returning all awards and prizes.

There is no change to the tournament purse, which will remain a $400 credit to our next Carl Spackler Open. The winner will continue to receive a gold baseball cap, Championship Trophy for a year, and logoed Golden Jacket for their closet as part of their tournament win.

The Horses Ass Trophy, Carl Spackler Outfit, Al Czverick Outfit,  Rookie of the Year, Tara Boland Award, Most Long Putts (Stroke), Least Long Putts (Dooty), Best Putter Ever (Golden Rod), Worst Putter Ever (Rusty Rod), Best Player Ever (Webb), and Worst Player Ever (Crapper) will return."

[Pritchard took a deep breathe and a drink of water.]

"In addition to the Red Tee Lottery, the daily on-course contests will also return. These include closest to the pin, long drive, and longest putt at the 18th hole.

That's it. Are there any questions?"

A lone reporter immediately raised his hand and asked, "What do you guys value the most?" Pritchard repied, "As far as awards or prizes? Well, these are my comments and not necessarily the thoughts of the Captains Club. I really want the event to succeed and money will give it the respect it requires. Too much money can only make some guys greedy, so we keep the purse in check. The Horses Ass Trophy shows the funny side of the players, but the purse and jacket is what makes things competitive.

The Open is scheduled to kick off in just 57 days in Chocowinity, North Carolina. There are never any favorites to win with handicaps, but 84 players will have a chance at the glory.