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April 2, 2023

CHOCOWINITY, NC — The Captains Club announced today that it closed its general registration period with a tournament field of 84 golfers. The slow 4-month Carl Spackler Open registration period closes with a new acceptance process.

"General registration is now closed," said Captains Club member Brian Long. "We did not reach 88 funded registrations minus cancellations. We also did not reach 8 single room reservations. We presently have two additional funded registrations as soon as a single cancellation occurs. We thank everyone for a smooth registration period."

The Captains Club inserted a roster cap of 80 back in November 2022. Single occupancy room reservations in February 2023 increased our roster space to 84 golfers. The number of cancellations along with the lack of funded registrations from Phase 3 registrants led to a tournament field of 84 golfers.

Paid registrants not accepted as participants are part of the waiting list for another two weeks. A full collection of funds is due by April 15.  Golfers who remain on the waiting list through April 15, 2023 will be refunded in full.

The 2023 Carl Spackler Open is scheduled to be held on June 22 at Cypress Landing Golf Course in Chocowinity, North Carolina. There are expected to be 84 golfers from 12 different states participating.