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February 22, 2023

CHOCOWINITY, NC — The Captains Club announced today that the selection period for the first set of participant options is now open. The options will collect a variety of information ranging from single occupancy reservations to apparel orders to our optional replay round roster.

"Our immediate need is to reserve and structure the lodging reservations and set a roster count," said Chairman of Captains Club Greg Long. "We are also ready to collect apparel orders and collect outstanding balances."

The collection will include (1) single occupancy rooms, (2) confirm the importance of Spackler arrival, (3) apparel orders, and (4) collection of replay round participants.

"This is the first of three sets of participant options," added Greg Long. "We will collect roommates and playing partners inside the second set of participant options. Then finalize our event with a third set in May."

The Fairfield Inn & Suites has 40 rooms with 2 beds. Cypress Landing Golf Course has space for 88 golfers. There are 80, 84, or 88 roster spots dependent on  single room reservations at $301 each.

"The present plan is to build a roster with 80 golfers," says Chairman of the Captains Club Greg Long. "The roster maximum can increase from 80 to 84 or 88 roster spots provided we have both sold and funded 4 or 8 single occupancy rooms."

The single occupancy room option will also include a "desire to help if needed" selection. This is your select double occupancy, but be contacted in April 2023 if a single occupancy contribution can (1) help increase roster size or (2) balance our hotel budget with even number of single occupancy rooms.

The 2023 Carl Spackler Open will be held at Cypress Landing Golf Course in Chocowinity, North Carolina. There are 80 to 88 golfers expected to participate. The golf course is expected to have white staked hazards and Par 3 drop zones for the first time in several years.

The 22nd Carl Spackler Open continues its roster acceptance through March 2023. The event roster will be halted at 80 golfers until 4 single occupancy rooms are paid. The roster can be expanded to 84 or 88 golfers based on single occupancy room selections.